spicy Hot & Spicy

House Specialties

with White Rice
spicy131. Dragon and Phoenix
Hot and spicy jumbo shrimp and general Tso's chicken
132. Triple Delight
Shrimp, chicken, beef with mixed veg
133. Four Season
Shrimp, beef, chicken, roast pork, snow peas, broccoli and mixed vegetable
134. Seafood King
Lobster meat, shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, with mixed vegetable
135. Happy Family
Fresh lobster meat, beef, shrimp, scallops, roast pork, chicken with snow peas and mixed vegetables.
136. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle
Scallop, lobster meat, crab stick and shrimp, snow peas and mixed vegetable.
137. Beef and Scallops 13.95
spicy139. Empire Ginger Chicken
Juice white meat, shredded string beans, young ginger
spicy140. Empire Ginger Deluxe
Brilliantly prepared big prawns, bedded among white meat chicken & shredded fresh ginger sauteed in Kong Pao sauce
spicy142. General Tso's or Sesame Tofu 10.75
spicy143. Shrimp and Scallop with Garlic Sauce 14.95
spicy144. Mongolian Beef 12.45
spicy145. General Tso's Chicken 12.25
spicy146. General Tso's White Meat Chicken 13.50
147. Sesame Chicken 12.25
148. Sesame White Meat Chicken 13.50
149. Honey Chicken 11.75
spicy150. Shrimp and Chicken Hunan Style 13.95
spicy153. Orange Flavored Chicken with Broccoli 12.25
spicy155. Orange Flavor Beef with Broccoli 13.50
156. Coconut Shrimp 13.75
157. Coconut Chicken 13.50